Papier-Mâché.co is proudly made in Malaysia, inspired by Art influences. The ideas to transfer art onto the product comes as a dream and desire to create masterpieces with our own way of style and looks. We start the move with perfume then pomade and shawls. We love patterns, designs, and beautiful presentation and strive to make it as best looks. We trade fashions and cosmetics.

For cosmetics, we try to meets a good standard of product beside through assured suppliers and manufacturers that follows the standards of SoP, quality and safe to use with the application of KKM and Halal certification for our new upcoming product. For our new comers cosmetics, it is totally produce confidently by Muslims manufacturer for our lipsticks, blusher, eyebrow and compact 2-way cake powder. It will be released soon.

Though with the CMCO (and Ramadhan online shopping  blitz), that’s still in place had affected us on the expected delivery timeframe, however, it would be worth the wait...

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