BEHATI is a contemporary fashion brand, surrounded by the influence of Malaysia’s traditions and mothernature. Behati is defined as ‘blessed’ and it stands to preserve the art and culture of Malaysia by practising the craft’s original technique and introduce new designs that is current to today’s fashion. The brand specialises in classic suits, shirts and occasion dresses. Structural, bold and minimal is the recipe to Behati’s image, with a pinch of camp. Behati ‘Oversized Baju Melayu’ stands as the brand’s signature look after earning its ‘viral’ title on the internet in 2019. The brand offers ready-to-wear online and made-to-measure by appointments, focusing on tailored suits, shirting, and evening/bridal wear.


As a Malaysian brand, Behati souvenir merchandise offerings include an extensive selection of Brooches and Batik (wax resist dyeing), inspired by nature’s creation, with the concept to capture beauty that wilts. For Malaysia’s Batik, Behati brings quirkiness to this heritage art, with the use of colour blocking and wax caligraphy of Malay poetry. The imperfection of every piece makes each Batik merchandise exclusive on its own as it is hand painted seperately by artisans in Malaysia.


Behati’s creative and marketing director is Kel Wen, a Malaysian chinese designer who marvels the culture and diversity in Malaysia. He grew up in an environment surrounded by friends of different races. This novelty fascinated him to learn more about their differences in culture. After his studies in Raffles College Kuala Lumpur, Kel Wen’s visions grew and it leaded him to express his visuals in the Malaysia inspired brand, Behati. He is a minimalist. His hands are good in creating new structural shapes with different materials and traditional tailoring. Besides producing products, he is taking Malaysia’s fashion scene to new heights with conceptual events and charity art campaigns, like BehatiBackyard, TIRAI show by Pusat Kreatif Kanak Kanak Tuanku Bainun, promoting Malaysian artists and supporting children through art.

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