Ann Zahid

Salam and hello everyone!

I'm Ann Zahid from Ann Zahid Creations. Come join us on a humbling yet exciting journey of upholding the preservation and promotion of our precious art - The MALAYSIAN HAND-BLOCKED BATIK.

This venture started out as community project by a group of family and friends, as well as our local batik artisans who shared the same passion for the love of the Malaysian hand-blocked batik and its continuous existence. A tiny idea and hope quickly grew into thrilling outcomes.

Putting culture and street wear together, we produced our first product - The Malaysian Hand-Blocked Batik Sneakers by Ann Zahid!

The 1st range of these cool kicks are named the "Cantik Series" which comes in 9 attractive designs for you to choose from.

When you get a pair:

  • You help preserve a priceless heritage.
  • Each and every pair is unique to only you. No two pairs are alike!
  • We are chic and trendy, hipster ready!
  • You get to do your part for a community in this beautiful world that we live in together!

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